Legal Expense Insurance & Legal Advice Services

Legal Expense insurance is included for those who purchase Directors’ & Officers’ Coverage.

Legal Expense Insurance is a product that protects the member in the case of an unforeseen legal event by covering their legal costs and giving them access to an experienced lawyer.

This could include defence against claims for issues related to:

  • Provincial or federal tax audits or appeals;
  • Business license Protection
  • Breaches of CASL legislation

Legal costs include lawyers’ fees, court fees, expert witness fees, report fees, other legal disbursements and adverse costs (the money the member may be ordered to pay to the opposing party should they lose their case).

Legal Expense Insurance can also cover the costs of pursuing legal action against another party. Members can rely on their Legal Expense Insurance policy to pay for legal costs in situations such as:

  • An employee or volunteer getting injured by a third party;
  • Damage to their business property by someone causing a nuisance or trespassing;
  • Collecting money owed for their services.

Unlimited access to a general Legal Advice Helpline is also available, allowing members to discuss any legal matter, even if it is not covered by their policy.

Access your Legal Expense Insurance by calling this number: +1 647-256-3666

Legal Expense Coverage Limit
Legal Defence $150,000 per claim
Statutory License Protection (defence) $150,000 per claim
Property Disputes (pursuit and defence) $150,000 per claim
Personal Injury (pursuit) $150,000 per claim
Employment Disputes (defence) $150,000 per claim
Tax Protection (defence) $150,000 per claim
Annual Aggregate Limit (per insured) $150,000
Deductible Nil
Legal Helpline Unlimited
Territorial Limit Canada
Coverage Form Claims Made